Nowadays, many HDB owners are looking to revamp their homes with accent walls that make their space pop. However, most have little to no knowledge of HDB interior design ideas, making creating vibrant focal points daunting. Still, accent walls are all about experimenting.

Whether it’s the colour, texture, or pattern, blending your personal style with the right design will elevate your HDB flat’s interior. To make the journey enjoyable, we’ll guide you through the basics of statement walls. From bold geometric prints to subtle, neutral textures, we’ll present the best ideas you can draw inspiration from and transform your Singapore home in no time.

The Psychology of Interior Colour for Accent Walls

Have you ever felt like some colours give you a specific vibe? For example, yellow might make you feel joyful and happy, while blue gives you peace and wisdom. For many years, interior colours came with meaning, and Singapore’s HDB flats and condos are no different. Here are some general tips on the psychology of interior colour in Singapore:

Calming hues for relaxation

Blues and greens are naturally calming colours, which makes them perfect for creating a relaxed vibe in your living room or bathroom.  However, be careful not to use blue in your kitchen, as it subconsciously suppresses appetite. Moreover, you wouldn’t want to have bright greens in your bedroom because light colours tend to kill your desire to sleep. Instead, you should use colours like seafoam green or navy blue as an accent wall for the perfect peaceful retreat.

Energising tones for passion

Want to feel energised the moment you walk into a room? Choose a vibrant red, orange or maroon for your accent wall. These warm colours are stimulating and help inspire activity and passion. An accent wall in a bright tomato red or burnt orange can make a powerful, energetic statement.

Serene neutrals for tranquillity

Arguably, neutral accent walls are becoming a real trend, and they fit in almost any interior design style! Shades in creamy whites, light greys or beiges provide muted, natural vibes that are calming. In a sense, they really help create an atmosphere of tranquillity. A soft grey or off-white accent wall provides a neutral backdrop that promotes peace and stillness.

How to Choose the Right Accent Walls As Your Focal Points

Of course, you should not expect to beat the odds by simply choosing the colour you like most. In Singapore, Condos and HDB interior designs often face challenges like limited size, lighting and symmetry options. In this regard, creating an accent wall becomes a real artwork treatment that can completely transform your wall and space.

Size and shape

The larger the wall space, the bigger the statement you can make. Look for walls that are highly visible, like the largest wall in the room or the first wall you see when you walk in. Besides, architectural features like fireplaces or windows also make an ideal focal point.

Consider the room’s function

Choose a wall that complements the room’s purpose. In a living room, a wall behind a seating area is perfect. For a dining room, a wall that faces the table is ideal. In a bedroom, a wall behind the headboard creates a cosy feel.

Think about lighting

Walls near windows or other sources of natural light allow colours to shine through. If possible, opt for an illuminated wall for the biggest impact. Supplemental lighting, like track lighting or recessed spots, can also enhance an accent wall.

Keep symmetry in mind

Select a wall that creates symmetry in the room for an orderly, balanced look. This could be a wall opposite an open doorway or one centred between two windows. An asymmetrical wall can work, too, if there’s another element, like furniture, placed to balance the look.

The Best Accent Wall Ideas for Singapore HDB Flats

Undoubtedly, accent walls are an easy and budget-friendly way to revamp your HDB flat. Best of all, they are the perfect way to set in a unique style as your interior design. Here are the best ideas to help you strike some vibrant focal points for your Singapore HDB flat:


pink room painting services1
White room with pink accent wall

Painting an accent wall is an affordable, low-commitment option perfect for small spaces that require a quick revamp. Choose bold colours like forest green, navy blue or burnt orange and hire a professional painting service to create focal points. The pop of colour will instantly transform your space without overhauling entire rooms. If your rooms are really small, paint the wall behind the bed or sofa to highlight it as the central point. If you are unsure what colours to paint, read this guide on choosing a paint colour for your home.


Wallpaper is a great way to add visual interest and texture to a space. Use it on one wall as an accent to create a striking contrast with the other walls. Opt for large-scale prints, geometric patterns or nature-inspired designs. Wallpaper accent walls work well in bedrooms, living rooms and entryways. They create a custom, polished look without the high cost of wallpapering the entire room.

Wood Planks

living room painting services
Wooden planks accent wall in the living room

You can have a professional carpenter install wood planks on one wall for an organic, rustic vibe. Distressed barn wood or reclaimed wood planks typically add warmth and visual texture. Wood planks work exceptionallyy well in living rooms and bedrooms. Leave the remaining walls neutral to let the wood be the star of the show. The natural wood grains and imperfections give the space character and a cosy cabin feel. Wood planks are also a popular option for partition walls.


Are you still looking for exciting ideas to transform those boring beige walls at home? Luckily, you’ve already taken the first step by understanding the crucial impact of focal points on limited spaces like HDB flats. Now that you know that, you only need an energising colour palette and some fun geometric patterns or artistic murals for inspiration. The options are endless – just grab a paintbrush and get ready to give your space that wow factor it’s been missing!