Ever wished you had an extra room in your tiny city flat? If yes, you probably live in Singapore, where space in HDB flats is typically scarce. Fortunately, this has brought up savvy methods like movable partition walls to help create extra space. These flexible walls allow you to reconfigure your small space in an instant. And while they allow homeowners to change their layout, they are the perfect recipe for a functional interior.

Perhaps you’re looking for creative ways to reconfigure your 2 or 3-room HDB flat. Whether you want a home office, guest room, or playroom, partition walls make it happen. However, you can live in a small space in a city with limited land and still have big dreams. Who knew a few sliding walls could make such a difference? Here’s how you can make the impossible possible using movable walls:

The Marvel of Movable Walls in Singapore

Undoubtedly, the history of the partition wall in Singapore has humble beginnings that are different from the local traditions. Still, it came a long way from being a simple divider in shophouses and flats to flexible living solutions. Here’s how their presence in Singaporean homes became more valuable with time:

The Evolution of Partition Walls

In the past, contractors and homeowners fixed partition walls in place with nails or bolts. Initially, their permanent characteristics didn’t leave much room for customisation. Later, track-mounted movable partition walls introduced a more adaptable solution for small spaces. These lightweight walls glide smoothly along ceiling tracks, allowing you to easily reconfigure layouts.

Types of Movable Partition Walls

But the idea of installing a movable partition wall in Singapore flats doesn’t end there. Over time, homes in the land-scarce City of Lions have embraced multifunctional, adaptable spaces. Tiny flats can now house big, open-plan living areas and cosy, private nooks alike. All with the simple slide, pivot or fold of a wall – now, how’s that for space-efficient living?

Why Movable Wall Partition Works Like Magic in Singapore Homes

bathroom partition
Bathroom partition separating bedroom from the bathroom

Folding walls collapse accordion-style for storage when not in use. Sliding walls move sideways to reveal an open-plan space or hide away clutter. Pivot walls rotate on central axes to divide rooms or join spaces as needed. Whatever type you choose, a movable wall partition allows you to change how you use your space without costly renovations.

But what makes movable partition walls work like magic in Singapore homes? The answer is simple – they provide flexibility and versatility that can transform even the tiniest of spaces. Here are the three most notable perks of having such a tool at your disposal in your HDB flat:

Space Maximisation

Arguably, living space in Singapore is at a premium. Still, partition walls can dramatically improve the ratio between room size and usability. Feeling cramped in your living room? Use partitions to section off part of it for a home office or dining area. Want an extra bedroom for guests? Partition your living room for a temporary solution. Of course, the possibilities are endless when you can transform your space in a snap.

Esthetic Appeal

Furthermore, advanced manufacturing methods have allowed the production of movable partition walls using various materials, colours and styles. From sleek mirrors to rustic wood panels, they can complement every HDB interior design and budget- you can even paint on certain walls for a more unique look! An open-plan space may seem cold and uninviting, but thoughtfully placed partition walls introduce cosiness and warmth.

Improved Functionality

Partition walls do more than just divide spaces – they can also help optimise a room’s functions. Use them to separate a living room into distinct zones for relaxation, work, and play. Cordon off an area in an open kitchen for a makeshift pantry or extra counter space. Some models have added storage solutions that leave more for seating, lighting fixtures and decor.

Best Ways to Shuffle Your HDB Space with a Movable Partition Wall

movable partition in living room
Moving partition for a home office

Are you still wondering how Singapore’s small living spaces can put movable partition walls to good use? Well, HDB residents have quite a few creative ways to reorganise their homes into flexible rooms. Here are some of the best tips to maximise your HDB space with partition walls:

Create an Open-Concept Space

Remove your partition walls altogether to open up your entire home. In the past decade, open-plan kitchens have become a trend, making a small space more spacious and airy. Moreover, it allows more natural light to flow, enhancing the interior aesthetics. An open-concept space is ideal for socialising and entertaining. When you want privacy, use furniture like bookshelves to divide spaces.

Add a Home Office

If working from home, a partition wall can transform a bedroom or living area into a dedicated office space. Look for a wall partition with built-in pinboards, shelving, and cable management to keep your office organised. For extra privacy, choose a partition wall with sound-absorbing panels. When you finish work, simply slide the wall out of the way to open the space back up.

Create a Dining Room

Don’t have room for a separate dining area? Use a partition wall to turn part of your living room into a dining space. Slide the wall into place when you want to enjoy a home-cooked meal, then retract it when done to free up floor space. For a stylish dining area, choose a partition wall with a chalkboard or corkboard surface to decorate.

Divide a Studio Apartment

If you live in an open-plan studio apartment, movable walls allow you to create separate living areas. Add walls to divide your sleeping area, workspace, dining area, and living room. Look for modular partition walls that lock together to arrange them in different layouts.

When you want an open feel, simply unlock the walls and slide them out of the way. You can start with portable panels that you can set up and take down when needed. Typically, they range from $50 to $200, ranking them among Singapore’s most affordable partition wall options.


Undoubtedly, the prospect of space-saving partition wall solutions in Singapore is practically endless. Gone are the days when living in an HDB flat limited your creativity. Residents are no longer confined to single-room layouts thanks to movable partition walls. Moreover, you can choose a partition wall design that suits your changing needs without the hassle of a costly renovation with a fixed wall that will involve hacking and dismantling. A home office by day can transform into a guest room by night. A spacious living room on the weekends gives way to a yoga studio during the week. With clever partitioning, you can reimagine even the smallest space and keep dreaming big! Contact SM Contractor today for all your wall partition needs, we also offer wall plastering services at the best rates in Singapore!